Free ICT training benefited 40 youth from Tokha community

८ श्रावण २०७३, शनिबार ०९:०६

13815137_10210103206717815_827083032_n MMMM,23 july, Kathmandu:  A week-long ICT training organized by NI-LAB for youth in Tokha concluded on Friday. The training organized by NI-LAB provided basic computer and IT skills to around 40 young men and women from the Tokha community.

      The training included basic windows package, communications/ internet /connectivity and multimedia. Despite being so close to the capital of the country, the Tokha community and the youth have long been lagging behind in terms of IT education for a number of reasons including lack of resources to fund computer education at schools.

      The participants in the training were mainly for the economically and socially backward communities in the areas. The training made the local youth realize that computer literacy is not an option today; it is neither a luxury but a mandatory skill everybody should acquire in today’s world of technology.

     The training was demanded locally and was coordinated by local organizations under the leadership of NI-LAB. According to Programme Coodinator at NI-LAB Ganga Bhandari 36 of the 40 participaints received this ICT training free of costs. The trainees learned entry-level office package, multimedia, Internet and computer security. Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal and Global Nepali Professional Nepal had provided technical support for the training.

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